Landed with a single hook and one chance!

We were fishing the rocks on Leech during the recent Twin Cities Muskies, Inc. Tournament when I had a hard strike. The fish charged towards the boat fast. As the fish rolled at the boat, we could see the he was hooked by only a single Reef Hawg tail hook. I knew I likely would not keep this fish hooked for very long.

John quickly readied the StowMaster net to take on landing this big fish. The long strong Stowmaster handle was tested by the big fish. On the second pass parallel to the boat the fish veered off, but not far enough away to avoid the long handled big net. The single hook came off moments after the fish was safely in the net. John used the net to hold the big fish safely in the water while I cleared the deck for measuring and set up for this photo. I believe a good partner and the Stowmaster landing net made the difference in landing this 48-inch beauty. Great Muskie product!

Tom Butler