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ESP™ Rod Features

Anticipate the Strike!

Experience the greatest sensation ever in fishing rods! Pick up an ESP™ rod and your immediate reaction will be amazement. So lightweight, so sensitive, you can practically anticipate the strike!

Vibration Amplification Technology

ESP - VAT LogoESP rods deliver unbelievable feel and sensitivity with a revolutionary design that obsoletes traditional graphite rod performance. This incredible sensitivity is achieved by ESP™’s innovative handle system featuring VAT (Vibration Amplification Technology). This patent-pending design amplifies vibrations for ultimate sensation directly to the angler’s hand. No more guessing as to what may have been a bump or light strike.

A 3-oz bluegill weighs more than most ESP rods!Feel Everything

Special high modulus IM6 tubular graphite handles are fitted with a unique internal blank support system that’s practically weightless. An ultra sensitive, high modulus IM-6 graphite blank is suspended inside the handle through a series of highly conductive alloy vibration disks. These unique disks transfer the slightest vibration of the rod blank directly to the resonating handle to amplify and intensify angler feel. There’s no cork, foam or plastic surrounding the rod blank to dampen direct vibration transfer. You feel everything, the slightest bump, even subtle changes in line tension!

ESP™ Performance Features

  • VAT Handle System
  • 40-Ton High Modulus Graphite Construction
  • Speed tapered micro tip actions.
  • Lightweight graphite slip ring reel seats.
  • Aluminum Oxide Stripper and Tip-Top Guides provide maximum protection at highest line wear points.
  • State of the art Chromium SS Micro guide systems provide unmatched durability and friction free performance at a fraction of the weight of traditional guide systems.
  • Deluxe folding hook keeper feature.
  • Specifically designed for lightweight line/lure fishing performance.

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