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Mr. Walleye Ice®

Mr. Walleye Ice includes 10 models ranging from our 17” “Peak-A-Boo” Ultra Light to the robust 42” Lake Trout Rod. All rods feature a blended graphite making them sensitive, yet sturdy for extreme cold conditions. The 17” to 42” models feature a shaved cork handle to help seat the reel to the handle, and the 20″ to 42″ models come with ultra strong graphite slip rings to lock the reel in place.

Combos The 17″ to 34″ models are also available in combos using the Mr. Walleye MWR50 Ice Reel featuring 4 stainless bearings, extreme temperature lubrication system, infinite anti-reverse, and multi-disk drag. See Online Store to order.


Model Length Action Pcs Line Wt Lure Wt
MWI17PB 17″ Ultra Light 1 1-2 lb. 1/80-1/64 oz.
This is a sight fishing must for big blue gills, crappie and perch. It is so sensitive on the tip you can actually see the bite before you feel it. It’s like you have a built in spring bobber, you won’t believe it. It’s a must for the guys and gals that want to catch bigger pan fish. It is short enough to look down the tip and right into the center of the hole. You’re going to love this one. Pan fish watch out! Be sure to use the New Northland Bionic line 1 to 2 lb. Also use smaller baits 1/80th to 1/64th.
MWI20PB 20″ Ultra Light 1 1-2 lb. 1/80-1/64 oz.
This is a sight fishing rod for the guy that likes to fish two holes. Use my 17” and this 20”, they both have super sensitive tips that give you the bite you can see before you feel it. Unreal sensitivity for those 10” to 12” sunnies, perch and deep crappies. Yes, this is another rod for your panfish bucket. Be sure to use the new Northland Bionic 1# to 2# line, and small baits 1/80th to 1/64th , Northland has those also You will catch more and bigger fish, by using smaller baits.
MWI22PB 22″ Ultra Light 1 1-2 lb. 1/80-1/16 oz.
I wanted three Peek-A-boo rods for sight fishing, the 17”, the 20”, and the 22”. All three are ultra lights,a must for the most sensitive biter. This one has a little more back bone, next to the handle. So you can fish a little deeper structure for a good hook set, stay with tiny 1/80th, 1/16th jigs. I use the 1 to 2# Bionic line; it’s a must for more bites. This rod is a must for big blue gills, crappies and perch.
MWI24M 24″ Medium 1 2-4 lb. 1/64-1/8 oz.
I like to use this rod for larger jigs and spoons, for perch and walleye. Great for portable house fishing, and a sitting on-the-bucket rod. It’s short enough and has enough back bone for a good hook set. I like to use 2 to 4# line. For deep crappie, perch and walleye fishing, this rod will work great.
MWI26L 26″ Light 1 2-5 lb. 1/80-1/16 oz.
This rod is perfect for deep crappie, sunnies, & perch. It is also a very good walleye rod. Be sure to use a spring bobber for these. I like to use this one with jigging spoons with treble hooks, to hold the bait on. I like glow jigs in dark water, use bright colors with glow paint. Always use sonar, it will keep you in the fish zone, no guessing what depth the fish are.
MWI28L 28″ Light 1 4-8 lb. 1/16-1/8 oz.
I love this rod. It has a light action, a smooth bend, and is very sensitive. It’s my favorite perch rod, and also use this on deep crappies. I like to use 1/16th to 1/8th jigs and spoons. I use this rod with my hole-to-hole fishing, a stand up walking hole-to-hole with your bucket, and sonar fishing. You will absolutely love this rod.
MWI30ML 30″ Medium 1 2-6 lb. 1/32-1/8 oz.
This rod is like the 28” only a little heavier action and two inches longer. This rod can be used for walleye jigging and spoon fishing. I like the forage minnow, mancho minnow and buck shot spoons, 1/16th to 1/8th oz. seems to work the best, most of the time. Remember, color can make a big difference, and always use glow baits. Be sure to cut lots of holes, and fish hole to hole. Keep on the move until you see fish, then fish them.
MWI34M 34″ Medium 1 6-12 lb. 1/4-3/8 oz.
This is another rod I just love to use, especially when I’m using 1/4 oz. buckshot rattle spoons. It has a little heavier action, with a fast tip. It has four guides and a tip, and great sensitive graphite. The handles are cork and are warm , this is one of my stand up rods. I like this one for walleye, 1/4 to 3/8 oz. lures, spoons, jigs and puppet minnow, work for me. Give this one a try, you will love it.
MWI38MH 38″ Medium Heavy 1 5-8 lb. 1/16-1/4 oz.
Well, you are going like the way this rod fishes 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 jigs, spoons, and swim baits. I use this rod at Lake of the Woods for walleye, lake trout, and even northern pike. It has a rainbow action with four guides and a tip. It is very sensitive. It’s made to order for hole jumping, no bending over, easy on the back. My favorite rod for lake trout, I caught them up to 25 pounds, with no problem.
MWI42H 42″ Heavy 1 6-10 lb. 1/16-3/8 oz.
This rod is my Lake Trout rod and heavy walleye fishing rod. I’m talking 5 to 10 pound walleye and 5 to 25 pound trout. I also use this for dead sticking northern pike. Anyone who goes lake trout fishing will love this one. A must for Lake of the Woods and Canadian Ice fishing. P.S. This rod works real good for the youngsters, for their first rod. Put a small spinning reel on it and it can’t be beat for fishing off the dock and over the side of the boat for pan fishing. It’s my grandkids and great-grandkids first fishing rod.