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Mr. Walleye® Series Rods

Choice of 16ea. custom designed actions for every Walleye angling technique. Each rod action personally designed by Gary Roach, “Mr. Walleye®”. Each rod is designed to perform flawlessly for every technique specified. Check out our action/technique recommended action descriptions.


  • 100% Graphite blank
    100% carbon fiber graphite prepreg cloth. Each model utilizes its own special mandrel for rolling the blank. Maintaining a custom mandrel for each blank is a bit more costly, but each of our rods is individually unique in its action; exactly the way Gary designed it.
  • Contoured all-natural 1” OD cork handles and fore grips
    1″ diameter natural cork handles, provides better feel of the rod. Grade A quality cork provides greater durability and extended product life. The 8′, 8’6″, and 9’6″ trolling rods use high density neoprene handles instead of cork for durability in rod holders.
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides with Stainless Steel rings
    Stainless ring bound inside a stainless frame allows the use of all types of line, while maintaining the light weight needed for proper rod balance.
  • Tapered rear handle with rubber butt cap
    1-1/16″ diameter soft rubber rounded butt cap. Extra durable construction provides extra protection to the handle but. Fits easily into rod holders, and does not impede your ability to remove the rod quickly.
  • Tapered fore grip with composition cork tip
    Contoured for an easy grip. Special bulged fore grip shape matches the contour of your palm and fingers for greater comfort and rod control.
  • Fixed hook keepers
    Hook keeper is in the proper alignment with the guide train, and fixed, so it does not flop around and cause unintended noise and vibration when jigging or casting.
  • Tapered reel seats with “soft-touch” exterior
    Comfortable to hold, palm remained on the cork handle, and fingers are not in contact with the hard plastic threads, or a hood. Fore grips screw down to lock the reel in place and provide smoother gripping surface.
  • Ferrule-less 2-piece designs
    Provides one piece feel and performance.
  • Non-Slide blank capture feature on all telescopic models
    Keeps blank from sliding when rod is in collapsed position.


Model Length Action Pcs Line Wt Lure Wt Handle Recommendation
MWS591MLS 5’9″ Med. Light 1 4-10lb 1/16-1/2oz Spinning Jigging Windy Day

This rod features a fast tip action. This is a great rod for fishing in windy conditions when you need a super sensitive tip. Sensitivity is the key to feeling light bites in such conditions. This rod is ideal for light jigging or rigging and casting smaller crank baits. This rod performs best when paired with a light size reel. The fast tip action of is perfect for pitching shorelines. Use 4-6 lb. test line but not over 6lb. Great for 1/16th oz. Northland™ Fire Ball Jigs tipped with a Shiner or half a crawler.

MWS601ULS 6’0″ Ultra Light 1 2-8lb 1/32-1/8oz Spinning

Designed especially for pan fish like Crappies, Bluegill and Perch. Makes a great stream Trout rod. Use this rod with very lightweight jigs. It is great for pitching them over the weeds or on the edge of the weed line. This rod is also good with smaller slip bobbers. The light action is designed to detect subtle strikes.

MWS621MS 6’2″ Medium 1 4-12lb 1/8-1/2oz Spinning Jigging/Rigging

A very versatile rod. Use it for Walleye, Bass and more. Use with heavier 1/8-5/8 oz. jigs and a little heavier line. Ideal for 6lb. test lines for rigging and jigging. This rod can also be used for slip bobber fishing or pitching shallow and deep running crank baits and light plastic worms. Same performance qualities as the 5’9” rod but in a longer length with a lighter tip. Great for fishing a 1/16th oz. jig with 6-8lb. line. Try a stand-up jig head with a minnow, leech, or half a crawler. When fish are lethargic it helps to hop the jig a couple of times, drag it, let it sit and then repeat. Many times you’ll get a bite when the bait is just sitting still.

MWS661MLS 6’6″ Medium Light 1 4-12lb 1/8-1/2oz Spinning Rigging/Jigging

One of the top selling actions. Shorter version of the 7’ model. Great for deeper water rig fishing, casting crank baits and plastic worm fishing. Great for trolling with lighter Rock Runner bottom bouncers from ¼-1oz. Great for Roach Rigs and Rainbow Spinners. If you see fish higher on your sonar use a longer snell up to 9’ in length. Fish that are closer to the bottom use a shorter snell. Use a stop and go presentation. You’ll catch more fish.

MWS661MS 6’6″ Medium 1 4-12lb 1/8-3/4oz Spinning Rigging/Jigging/Small Crankbait

The rod for “Roach Riggin” or a good choice for bass fishing. Great for live bait rigs for walleye, bass and northern when using larger minnows, and Red Tails or creek chubs for the fall season bite. It can also be used for slip bobber fishing, jigging and using lighter bottom bouncers. Ideal for fishing deeper water. Use a small spinner harness with two small leeches hooked through the nose. This is a deadly combo. Fish both crawlers and leeches when the water temp is in the 50’s. Sometimes crawlers work better in water warmer.

MWS662MS 6’6″ Medium 2 4-12lb 1/8-3/4oz Spinning Rigging/Jigging/Small Crankbait

Excellent rod for “Roach Riggin”. Same great action and technique design as the MWS661MS in a two piece version.

MWS661MHS 6’6″ Medium Heavy 1 8-15lb 3/8-1oz Spinning Trolling/Jigging

Slightly heavier action version of the 6’6” medium actions. Use in situations where a rod with more backbone is needed. When fishing fall Walleye or Largemouth Bass this rod will help you when you have a heavier lure weight or you need something a little stiffer to pull through the water. Great rod for deep water rigging.

MWS701ULS 7’0″ Ultra Light 1 2-10lb 1/32-3/8oz Spinning Crappie/Trout/Panfish

This is a “must have” rod for Crappies and Sunfish. Designed for longer casts with lighter lure weights. Ideal for light jigging, rigging, and even small cranks. One of the top sellers and is ideal for wider boats and spring Crappies. Ideal for fishing 1/8-1/4 oz. Northland® Roach Rigs® and light Rainbow Spinners. Great for casting shallow running cranks when the fish are on the shoreline. This rod does not lose many fish, it has a very forgiving tip.

MWS701MLS 7’0″ Medium Light 1 4-12lb 1/8-3/4oz Spinning Light Rigging/Jigging

The #1 selling model. Great for deeper water rig fishing, casting crank baits, and plastic worm fishing. Great for trolling with lighter Rock Runner bottom bouncers from ½-1 oz. great for Roach Rigs® and rainbow spinners. If you see fish higher on the sonar use a longer snell up to a 9’ length. Fish that are closer to the bottom use shorter snells . Use a stop and go presentation. You’ll catch more fish.

MWS761SSB 7’6″ Slip Bobber 1 6-15lb 3/8-3/4oz Spinning Slip Bobber Fishing

This rod is specifically designed for slip bobber fishing. If you fish slip bobbers this rod is a must. The #1 fishing tip for slip bobbers pertains to bobber size and shape. On windy days us smaller diameter bobbers that do not rock as much in the waves. When less windy use a fatter style bobber to get more action. This rod is also ideal for a harness riggin’ rod.

MWS664MP 6’6″ Medium 4 4-12lb 1/8-3/4oz Spinning Pack Rod / Fly-In Rod

It’s hard to find a good pack rod with a decent action. Gary has designed this rod so it feels and feels and fishes like a one piece. Most fishermen think it’s a one piece! Rod comes complete with an extra durable zippered Cordura protective tube with carry strap and loops which makes it ideal for backpackers and four wheelers. Compact size takes up less space for fly-in anglers. Great all around action for multiple angling techniques.

MWS64MC 6’4″ Medium 1 8-12lb 1/8-3/4oz Casting Bottom Bouncers

Great rod for lighter 3/4 to 1.75 oz. bottom bouncers and hands-on trolling. A very sensitive tip and parabolic action make it a great choice for three way rigs or egg sinker systems such as the Roach Sinkers. Its shorter length is a real benefit during windy conditions and helps control your casts.

MWS610MC 6’10” Medium Tele 8-20lb 1/4-3/4oz Casting/Trolling Bottom Bouncers

Ideal rod for bottom bouncing, trolling or casting crank baits for Walleye, Bass and more. A good rod for dead stick fishing from rod holders. I’ll use two rods on the inside and two of the 8’6” rods on the outside. This is a perfect pair for trolling cranks and spinner harnesses. Great rod for light bucktails or for spooning pike and lake trout. Try using a silver or gold light spoon as an attractor 3’-4’ ahead of a spinner harness. Works great for Walleye on the Great Lakes. Rod also works great for heavier bottom bouncers and in-line sinkers.

MWS80MCT 8’0″ Medium Tele 10-20lb 1/4-3/4oz Trolling Planer Boards

The “planer board” rod! Designed for trolling with boards, heavy bottom bouncers, and big crank baits. Great rod for lighter lead core trolling crank baits and spinners. It’s telescopic design allows storage in any rod locker. It’s tough and will handle most freshwater fish. Great for Salmon fishing up in Alaska! High density neoprene handle.

MWS86MCT 8’6″ Medium Tele 8-14lb 3/8-1oz Trolling Planers, Dipsy’s, Lead Core

A consistent sell-out. Lighter trolling rod designed for smaller planer boards with spinners and crank baits, either shallow or deep. Ideal with ½-1oz. bottom bouncers. It telescopes for easy storage to fit in rod lockers. Specialized action for light biters. Attach the sinker 10’ ahead of the crank bait or crawler harness. If trolling 30’ of water for suspended fish let out 45’ of line to the sinker. In deeper water I adjust accordingly in front of the harness to the deeper fish. If fish are up higher adjust to lessen the weight. Watch your sonar to see where the fish are. High density neoprene handle.

MWS96TR 9’6″ Tele 10-20lb 1/2-1oz Trolling Lead Core

Specially designed for lead core trolling. A great rod action for board trolling and straight lead line trolling. If you want to catch Walleye and other fish consistently pick up a set of my entire lead core trolling rods. Use with your favorite bait cast or line counter reels. Ideal for use with 18lb. lead line. Always tie on a 10-30’ monofilament leader. Tying the leader to the lead line is very important. Strip out 2” of the lead line. Remove the lead leaving the 2” of braided hollow outer line. Stick the end of your mono leader into where the lead was, do two overhand knots and tighten them over the lead line. This is the very best way I have seen to tie a leader to the lead line. Rod telescopes to fit in rod storage lockers. High density neoprene handle.