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Mr. Walleye® Super RTR Series Rods

“A ‘Really Tough Rod’ for all-around great fishing!” – Gary Roach

Designed for all-around everyday fishing. Gary created this series to address the need to have a durable, affordable rod you can count on day in and day out, whether you’re fishing every weekend, or once a year.

Performance Features

  • Graphite construction base
    Blanks are constructed from a special graphite composite material that keeps the weight down, but greatly increases the strength.  It’s stronger and more durable than pure graphite, and more forgiving when it comes to stress.
  • Solid glass tip section
    Gary designed Super RTR with a solid glass top section that is fused into the tubular graphite composite blank. This gives the top of the rod unmatched strength in all fishing conditions.
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides with Stainless rings
    Stainless ring bound inside a stainless frame allows the use of all types of line – including Superlines and braids – while maintaining the light weight needed for proper rod balance.
  • Contoured natural cork handle
    The soft contour fits your hand well, and the handle lengths are long enough to fit just under your forearm.
  • Heavy duty cross wrap
    The base of the rod is wrapped in a heavy cross wrap for extra strength and support.
  • Fixed hook keepers
  • Screw-down reel seats
    Fore grips screw down to lock the reel in place, More comfortable on your fingers and hands. They make it easy to change reels, yet lock securely.


Model Length Action Pcs Line Wt Lure Wt Handle
MWA601MS 6’0″ Medium 1 6-12lb 1/8-5/8oz Spinning
MWA661LS 6’6″ Light 1 4-8lb 1/16-3/8oz Spinning
MWA661MS 6’6″ Medium 1 6-12lb 1/8-5/8oz Spinning
MWA701MS 7’0″ Medium 1 8-15lb 3/16-3/4oz Spinning
MWA661MC 6’6″ Medium 1 8-17lb 1/2-3/4oz Casting