Anglers Can Possess the Sixth Sense!

Ever wonder what it would be like to have Extra Sensory Perception when it came to fishing? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to anticipate your next strike? It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. There is a new weapon in the angler’s arsenal that could prove to be the next best thing. After five years of development and extensive on the water testing Norsemen Outdoors’ new ESP™ Rods offer angler’s a whole new dimension in fishing rod performance. The idea of a hyper-sensitive fishing rod has long been the goal of every rod manufacturer in the world as angler’s have constantly searched for the Holy Grail in rod sensitivity and the ability to better “feel” what’s going on at the end of their line. The new ESP Series was originally developed for the ice fishing segment of the business where the ability to detect the most subtle of strikes was an absolute must. After rave reviews from ice fishermen the concept has been expanded to include open water applications. The secret to ESP’s hyper sensitivity is its unique patent pending design which incorporates the use of ultra lightweight high modulus IM6 graphite construction in combination with the innovative V.A.T. (Vibration Amplification Technology) handle system. Unlike traditional rod handle designs that surround the blank with a plastic reel seat with cork or foam grips that damper vibration and lessen sensitivity, ESP™ Rods utilizes a unique tubular graphite handle that amplifies vibration for ultimate sensation delivered directly to the angler’s hand. ESP’s high modulus blanks are suspended inside its tubular graphite handle through a series of highly conductive alloy vibration disks. These highly conductive disk’s transfer the slightest vibration of the rod blank directly to the resonating handle to amplify and intensify the angler’s feel. The end result is a rod so sensitive that strikes, no matter how subtle, feel like a punch instead of a tap. Angler’s even report the ability to feel subtle changes in line tension like when a fish comes up with the bait and long before the angler sees the line jump! “The ESP Series really represents a new direction in high performance rod design says, Steve Vogts, Norsemen Outdoors, Inc. VP of Marketing. “Anglers have described the rods as scary, because they are so lightweight and sensitive. That’s a real plus for detecting very subtle strikes that many times go undetected and result in lost fish!

We are also approaching the market differently than most high performance rod companies who focus primarily on the bass market. We feel there is a definite need for high performance rods targeting the ultra-light finesse angler. There is a huge market out there for the avid Crappie, Bream and Trout anglers wanting more choices in true high performance actions and the need for increased sensitivity and feel” The initial response to our rods has been phenomenal and we have already had numerous requests to expand our designs into the bass and walleye segments. All I can say at this point, stay tuned for future updates!”

ESP Rods™ are being offered in twelve high performance spinning models that span Ultra-light, light, and powerlite actions in lengths from 5’ to a 12’ Crappie jig pole. All rods feature high modulus IM6 graphite blanks with very unique extra fast tapered actions designed to optimize performance for fishing light line/lure applications. Incredibly lightweight, most ESP models weigh less than 2 ounces yet sport actions that angler’s will immediately recognize as high performance. Suggested retails range from $59.99 on base models to $99.99 for the specialty 12’ Crappie jig pole. For more information on ESP™ Rods and the complete line of Norsemen Outdoors products visit us at