ESP Rod catches 527 Rainbow Trout

Hi, I’m a dedicated light tackle jig angler, and have been since
the 70s,when I started writing of my UL jig experiments in the original Fishing
Facts magazine. Last year, with advice & inspiration from you fine people,
I ordered, tried, and fell in love with your 7′ ESP rod! Unfortunately ,so did
my 31 year old son!! So I was confident this winter to purchase your 5’6″
ultralight ESP for my own, PRIVATE use. Last week we had ice out at our local
lake,a very hard fished, popular public park area just 15 minutes from
Pittsburgh, PA. In this brief period, fishing 3 to 4 hours per session (it was
COLD!!!) the two of us caught an actual count of 527 rainbow trout (well, one
was a carp, which Sean calls his “golden trout”!). We actually
surpassed 100 trout for each of several of those short daily trips, including a
few much bigger “holdover” trout as shown in the enclosed photos
above ! Both rods easily protected our 3 to 5 # test lines, and did wonderful
work of casting jigs that weighed a mere 1/40 oz ! The real factor, in our huge
catches, however, was that genius-designed, magnified handle sensitivity that
made it possible to detect the extremely delicate bites in that cold water!
I’ve been bragging the rods up in the jigging forums that I write for these
days -can’t seem to contain my excitement!! Keep up the great work!!  J.M. 
Pittsburgh, PA