StowMaster Introduces New GUARDIAN™ Super-Mesh Nets

Lake Mills, Iowa—StowMaster, Inc. has introduced what many experts are deeming a major breakthrough in landing net performance and a superior fish friendly design. After five years of extensive R&D and rigorous field testing, StowMaster introduces the new GUARDIAN™ protective netting for the 2010 season. “The reception from our customers, professional anglers and fisheries managers has been outstanding says Steve Vogts, StowMaster’s VP of Marketing. “It is about the most excited I have seen anglers get about a landing net.” We knew we had something special that would appeal to fishermen who are serious about high performance and concerned about safely releasing their fish in good condition. Prior to our introduction of Guardian™ we studied the existing market closely examining many of the so-called fish friendly nets available. What we found was that many of these coated nets although providing an improvement over traditional knotted mesh, can still rough up the fish. The net coating process is used primarily to seal the mesh against hook penetration and although it makes them tangle free, most are not roughing free. Most coated nets have a brittle or a crispy texture and rough feel, and although knotless, can still cause abrasion to the fishes slime coat and eyes. This can lead to the fish developing a fungus or infection which could prove lethal, defeating the whole purpose of effective Catch and Release.

The new Guardian™ protective netting resolves this problem and utilizes a proprietary coating process developed by StowMaster that provides a superior non-abrasive finish to prevent roughing. This new super-mesh is amazingly soft, more subtle and extremely durable thanks to the special rubberized coating and braided multi- strand nylon inner core. Months of testing in both fresh and harsh saltwater environments confirm it is up to any task at hand. The end result is a net that is extremely lightweight, sweeps through the water with ease and offers the added benefit of a hook-less mesh for less tangles while providing the utmost protection for the fish.

StowMaster’s exclusive Guardian™ netting is available on select models of their Tournament and Saltwater Series premium landing nets and is available in two mesh sizes: 3/8” oval micro-mesh and ½” macro mesh. All StowMaster Tournament and Saltwater Series landing nets are made in the USA and feature StowMaster’s patented folding hoop design which allows the net to collapse down to half the size of other nets so they conveniently stow in the boats rod locker or other storage compartments. For more information on StowMaster premium folding nets and the new Guardian™ protective netting please visit