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Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

We’re thrilled about the versatility, strength and convenience of StowMaster’s Tournament Series Landing Nets. But don’t believe us, listen to what our customers have to say.

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” …The cream of the crop in fishing nets.”
– Todd & Veronica Berg

“I Would Recommend StowMaster to a Friend”
– John Wilson

“Thanks, StowMaster, For Netting Us A Win.”
– Steven James Rusteberg

“Big Fish Award won by Kim Papineau on Lake Pepin”
– Kim “Chief” Papineau

“At last, a user-friendly net.”
– Jerry Tipping

“Big Fish Award won by Kim Papineau on Lake Pepin”

Red Wing, Minnesota PWT Big Fish Award won by Kim Papineau using a net no other can come close to. This 9.1 pound fish won Chief and his amateur partner $3,000.00. Yes, one fish, all that money!

After taking a zero on day one of the tournament I rubbed a silver dollar I received from Kevin Hanson of Spring Valley, Illinois. With half an hour of fishing left for the last day of the PWT event, my luck came through!

I saw the snapper planner board go back, my amateur took the rod and did one heck of a job bringing in the Red Wing walleye. Once in back of the boat I had my StowMaster net ready. In three seconds it was ready. Then, the fish was on top of the water and in the net it went, then back into the water. I thought for sure I missed it. Thank God for the StowMaster. Not one hook got snagged in the hoop. After about four minutes, the big fish met its match.

My Rappala scale read 9.2 and at the weigh -in, 9.1 pounds. WOW! THANK YOU STOWMASTER!!!!!!!!!

– Kim “Chief” Papineau

…The cream of the crop in fishing nets.

My name is Todd Berg and my wife and I run a licensed, multi-species guide service in both Wisconsin and Illinois. Clients rely on us to put fish in the boat on each and every outing – regardless of wind, water or weather conditions. After working hard to get them into fish, the last thing we need is a faulty net that doesn’t work or causes lost fish at the boat – and we’ve had that happen in the past. Recently, we started using the StowMaster nets and I’m here to tell you they are the cream of the crop in fishing nets. From big stream-run King Salmon to prize-fighting Great Lakes smallmouth bass, StowMaster has products that handle every application. From remarkable space-saving design to functional fit and form, these nets are just what the fish-doctor ordered! Keep up the good work StowMaster and we’ll keep sending customers your way. Every single customer who steps on board our boats is totally impressed with your products! Tight lines and a tip of our cap to you! – Todd & Veronica Berg, Into the Outdoors Guide Service

Video – Provided by the Bergs

“I Would Recommend StowMaster to a Friend”

I recently participated in the NE Governor’s Cup Fishing Tournament at Harlan County Reservoir.

I was fortunate enough to win the StowMaster Landing Net that was donated by your company.

Since winning the net I have used it often on my fishing trips and I like it very very much!

I would recommend it to any fisherman, and often I do.

Thank You,
John Wilson

PS I have landed many fish with it.

“Thanks, Stowmaster, For Netting Us A Win.”

When the muskie hit Duane Landmeier’s lure on the first day of the Professional Muskie Tournament Trail’s Shelbyville Qualifier, Landmeier and his partner, Steve Rusteberg, knew they were on to something big.

If they could get it in the boat.

“I knew it was a special fish. I didn’t know if we could get it to the boat. I shouldn’t have worried,” said Rusteberg, and outdoor writer and pro guide from Naperville, IL.

When that 46.25″ muskie hit the boat deck, the two pros were looking at the tournament’s Big Fish award and an extra $500 prize money. Just for starters.

Landmeier later doubled for the day, catching a 38.25″ muskie and launching the team into a considerable lead over the nearest competitors. On the second day of fishing – with just ten minutes to spare – Rusteberg boated a 35.5″ muskie to clinch the team win – and more than $14,000 in prize money.

Those boys credited their success to their special casting technique and a new StowMaster Tournament Series landing net.

They cast up on shoreline with the lure. Then the lure is pulled into the water, and in a matter of a couple twitches, the lure meets fish flesh and the fight is on.

“The noise when the lure hits the bank gets the fish’s attention,” Landmeier claimed.

Getting it in the boat is another matter. The Stowmaster net has a telescoping handle that extends several feet beyond the normal pole length. And Rusteberg needed all 8 feet of the StowMaster Muskie net to scoop that bad boy out of the water.

“The net is so easy to use and the wide hoop gave the muskie an impossible escape route,” said Landmeier, a well-known outdoors writer and frequent guest on fishing shows for both radio and TV.

Rusteberg added, “I showed Duane my new StowMaster collapsible Muskie fishing net and his first reaction was that it was too big for the boat but just perfect for landing a huge fish. Then I showed him how it collapsed upon itself and neatly stowed in it’s storage bag keeping the boat unencumbered by big hoops and netting all over the boat floor. He was sold.”

Landmeier said the experience is burned into his memory.

“The StowMaster had no problem scooping a 46.25″ Muskie that was lightly hooked and ready to escape. Thanks StowMaster for netting us a win.”

“At last, a User Friendly Net.”

Finally, someone developed a landing net that is boater friendly. As a fishing guide, safety and comfort for my customers is a must! My StowMaster net allows me to offer a safe fishing area, and it is ready for action in just seconds.

High quality components, safety, security, and convenience – StowMaster has it all covered.

– Jerry Tipping
Wisconsin Fishing Guide/Tournament Angler